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Preschool Policies and Procedures

Local Preschool Procedures

Sefton Infants Preschool follows the policies of the NSW Department of Education. We have developed localised procedures that relate specifically to our preschool context.

1.     Acceptance and refusal of authorisations

2.    Providing a child safe environment

3.    Dealing with complaints

4.    Delivery of children to and collection of children from service

5.    Emergency and evacuation

6.    Enrolment and orientation

7.    Excursions

8.    Payment of fees (please note NO fees will be charged during 2024)

9.    Administration of first aid and medication

10.   Governance and management of the preschool, including confidentiality of records

11.  Incident, injury, trauma and illness

12.   Dealing with infectious diseases

13.   Dealing with infectious diseases during Covid-19

14.   Interactions with children

15.   Dealing with medical conditions

16.   Nutrition, food and beverages, diretary requirements

17.   Screen time

18.   Sleep and rest for children

19.   Staffing

20.   Sun protection

21.   Water safety, including safety during any water-based activities

22.   Safe arrival of children


Sefton Infants Preschool welcomes input and feedback from our families and community in regards to our policies and procedures. Please contact the school (9644 4079) or the  preschool (9644 6791) to voice your contributions.