Sefton Infants School

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Our Preschool in action


Our service statement of philosophy

We believe that:


  • Staff and families will develop a positive rapport, based on open communication.
  • Families need to feel welcome and have the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of the Preschool.


  • Children should have the opportunity to develop at their individual pace, in order to reach their full potential.
  • Children need to feel valued and respected and to experience success in order to develop a positive self-concept
  • Children need to feel safe and secure and have the opportunity to develop independence and to make their own choices.


  • The environment needs to be a safe and happy place that is welcoming and aesthetically pleasing and well-organised with materials that are accessible for children to make individual choices and provide opportunities for challenge and risk taking.
  • The environment needs to reflect each family's cultural background and is sensitive to the diversity that exists with each family.


  • Staff will engage in deep and meaningful conversations with children in order to assist with developing the whole child, building on current children's current knowledge and participate in intentional teaching.
  • Staff should be given the opportunity to extend their knowledge and skills to ensure that a high quality program is maintained.
  • Staff will establish a partnership with families to ensure that children's best interests are catered for within the program.


  • The early years learning framework is the foundation of our program.
  • Our program needs to meet individual children's needs and at the same time provide challenging experiences for children to reach their full potential.
  • Our program needs to be a reflection of children's backgrounds and interests, providing opportunities for exploration and scaffolding of children's learning.
  • Children learn and develop through active exploration (hands on concrete experiences) of their own environment. They learn by doing.